Dive into the research behind WELL v2 

The research is clear.
The places where we spend our time have a huge impact on our overall health and well-being.

Dive into our compilation of research digests to learn how the places we create today can impact our health tomorrow.


It all starts with research

Our compilation of research digests directly compliment the WELL Building Standard, providing a deeper dive into the evidence behind each feature. Focused on the WELL concepts, the digests: 


 Build and affirm foundational public health and building science knowledge related to health in buildings and organizations

dlf.pt-black-check-mark-png-5463975  Discuss pertinent public health issues related to WELL features, underscoring the why behind every feature in WELL

 Showcase the evidence for solutions used in WELL drawing on the latest research to ensure you can approach interventions in your project with confidence


How you can use it

Whether you are looking to build your public health knowledge or communicate the why behind a WELL feature, our research digests have something for you:

  • Align your narrative with cutting-edge research and industry best practices
  • Advocate for why and how WELL can help your organization and clients achieve their goals
  • Prioritize WELL features to create scorecards that make an impact


Hear what people are saying


“It strengthens the story I can tell to clients about why implementing WELL features is beneficial for them and their company.”


“If I know the science behind things, I can educate people more, create awareness and justify why a project needs to pursue WELL.”

Your journey starts here

The evidence behind each WELL v2 concept is at your fingertips. Download one or more of our research digests to get started:

Air | Breathe easy

Learn about strategies to enhance indoor air quality.



Water | Drink up

Explore how water can impact the health of buildings and people.



Nourishment | Dig in

Discover strategies to support healthy and sustainable food choices.



Light | Shine on

Understand how daylight and electric light can enhance visual comfort and promote optimal sleep patterns.

6-Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort | Get cozy

Learn about the importance of creating comfortable indoor environments.



Materials | Be assured

Explore how materials and products installed and used in buildings may impact human health.




Movement | Keep moving

Discover how the quantity and quality of your daily movements can support your physical and mental health.




Sound | Tune in

Learn how supportive acoustic environments can help reduce distractions and promote focus.



Mind | Stay centered

Discover strategies that support cognitive and emotional well-being. 



Community | Build connections

Learn how to create a culture of health for all.



Get to know IWBI

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is advancing human health, safety and well-being through science. IWBI delivers the cutting-edge WELL Building Standard™ (WELL™), the leading global rating system and the first to be focused exclusively on the ways that buildings, and everything in them, can improve our comfort, drive better choices, and generally enhance, not compromise, our health and well-being. With WELL as our vehicle, we're translating what we know into what we practice.